Reviewed by Dee Muir

Ladi6: Royal Blue 3000 EP

Reviewed by Dee Muir

Ladi6: Royal Blue 3000 EP

Putting themselves on the frontline with the intimate Alpha Sessions tour, Ladi6 (Karoline Tamati), Parks (Brent Park), Brandon Haru and Julien Dyne, collaborated to come up with this masterpiece EP.

Recorded at Auckland’s Red Bull Studios with studio engineer Ben Lawson, ‘Royal Blue 3000’ manages to grow the already distinctive Ladi6 sound while remaining true to their roots.

The 18-minute long EP kicks off with Beautiful, a dreamy introduction that’s laced with Ladi’s unique and instantly recognisable vocals.

The track works well to relax the mind, readying listeners for a fascinating fireworks display of sounds.

Bass-driven track Guru has an intense live energy. It’s the ultimate jam session with dub wobbling sounds, akin to the style adopted by disbanded Auckland, dub-jazz band, Dejusa.

Royal Blue adds a new element of sound to the EP. It’s a reflective melody that’s complemented by simple yet thoughtful lyrics. The mellow nature is refreshing and suits Ladi’s vocal tone well.

Outta Time is a throwback to what worked so well on the Ladi6 debut album ‘Time is Not Much’. The toe-tapping, finger-snapping groove paired with witty lyrics is no doubt a dancefloor filler.

The EP’s quirky track Beffy isn’t typically a style you’d match with such a soulful voice, but the production allows the animated flavour to stand out on its own, yet combine seamlessly with its vocals.

Polishing off the six-track playlist is another dreamy insert called Long Way, the track’s sombre finish gently guiding you back to reality with its lingering message that a little love goes a long way.

‘Royal Blue 3000’ is dynamic, liberating and goes so far as to begin healing you long before you’ve even realised that you’ve been hurting.

It’s no boundaries, truth and creativity flowing naturally throughout. Music purely from the soul.