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Reviewed by Erica McQueen

Gin Wigmore: Ivory

Reviewed by Erica McQueen

Gin Wigmore: Ivory

‘Ivory’ is the fourth album from these days LA-based Gin Wigmore, and a typically energetic, albeit less ground-breaking new release. Named after her son with American hardcore / punk musician Jason Butler, it’s a funky, surprisingly poppy offering, witnessing perhaps a more mainstream, or at least retro stage in the evolution of Gin’s sound since the release of her debut EP, a full decade ago already. 

Gin says of ‘Ivory’ that it is “…the vulnerable expression of lyrics and the cathartic nature of melodies that makes the process of making an album so uniquely awesome.” 

Hallow Fate opens proceedings with a soft piano-driven melody that quickly builds to a full band sound, while Beatnik Trip is a fast-paced groovy anthem with pops of bass and gospel choir harmonies.

Cold Cave and Fall Out of Love are comparatively stripped back ballads that let her idiosyncratic vocals truly shine. That distinctive raspy voice underpins this dynamic and diverse pop-rock offering.

There’s no sign of anything as play-demanding as Black Sheep or even a Hey Ho but with 12 tracks rolled into just under 40 minutes, the short freewheeling album finishes with the certainly catchy Girl Gang. Gin sings the listener out with, “I got bite, I got brains, I got to raise some power to reign.”

It’s clear that lyrically ‘Ivory’ is a commentary on feminism, empowerment and returning to your roots. Equally, it’s about a having a great time in the studio with what sounds like a very good production team. 


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