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Reviewed by Amanda Mills

Finn Andrews: One Piece At A Time

Reviewed by Amanda Mills

Finn Andrews: One Piece At A Time

Finn Andrews has long been a musician of note with his band The Veils, who have been prowling the alt-rock scene for nearly 20 years, evolving in different forms.

‘One Piece at a Time’ is Andrews’ first solo album, full of songs he wrote in 2016, that did not fit The Veils’ ‘Total Depravity’.

Working with multi-instrumentalists Cass Mitchell, Tom Healy, and Alex Freer, with Reb Fountain and Nina Siegler on backing vocals, Andrews’ voice is here front and centre, not lurking beneath layers of rhythm and guitars.

Andrews has said ‘One Piece at a Time’ is taking him somewhere new, and many songs do show a potential new direction – the string arrangement by Victoria Kelly on What Can I Do hints at a more formal, orchestrated style; while the lovely Don’t Close Your Eyes has a hint of 80s AOR vibe to it.

Equally, a number of tracks recall his band, especially the gleeful, and blistering One by the Venom, which lists various ways to die, and the piano-led title track, which brings to mind the Veils 2005 song, The Valley of New Orleans.

It took a few listens to really get beneath Andrews’ new, unfamiliar and occasionally lovelorn territory, and while it could confuse those who are used to the howling intensity he created with The Veils, repeat visits reveal new layers, and a new perspective to his work.

‘One Piece at a Time’ is a lovely, although not unexpected, sidestep for Finn Andrews.

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