Reviewed by Louisa Nicklin

Earth to Zena: Transmundane EP

Reviewed by Louisa Nicklin

Earth to Zena: Transmundane EP

Fuzzy guitar pokes its head out and whooshing textures fly around throughout ‘Transmundane’, an out-of-this-world, gripping EP from new Wellington four-piece of vocalist Renee Cotton, Barton McGuire (guitar and production), Alex Sipahioglu (bass) and drummer Nic Allan. Earth to Zena do not hold back, the EP is energetic and transitions skilfully between dark, thick textures and light-hearted melodic dream pop sections.

The six ever-shifting tracks effortlessly move between ideas, yet remain cohesive and organic.

Crooked Mouths opens things with an uplifting, otherworldly groove and synth. The harmony and melodic movement propel the song and lift your mood, almost heading into rock territory. From here though you are thrown into more spacey textures and places.

Subterranean provides a break from the thick shoegaze-y opening songs. It is ambient and meditative – almost religious. Renee Cotton’s vocals float around the synth as the song builds to a seamless transition into the more openly psychedelic Things That Glow.

Lighter moods are displayed in I’ll Never Know, a spirited and more stripped back track. It’s a bit reminiscent of that uplifting opening and is more melancholic than the rest of the EP. This killer EP ends in a dark and energetic fashion, finished off with a trance enhanced by ‘80s synth tones and fuzzed-out thrashy guitar.

Earth to Zena have created an engaging EP with a whirlwind of sounds. Keep an eye on them as they are an exciting addition to the Wellington and NZ music scene.

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