Reviewed by Louisa Nicklin

Briar Prastiti: Blue Anima

Reviewed by Louisa Nicklin

Briar Prastiti: Blue Anima

Every moment of Briar Prastiti ’s ‘Blue Anima’ oozes emotion, yet somehow you’ll find yourself grooving around the house at the same time.

Elements of hip hop, world, contemporary, electronic, cinematic, folk, ambient and hints of so much more comfortably hold hands throughout.

Prastiti skilfully maintains cohesion despite touching on the boundaries of many sound worlds, while she takes listeners on a dreamlike journey.

The first taste of melody and shape emerge out of Waking with the sounds of Garam Jung’s jazz sax.

The singing on the album is solely by Prastiti, with the exception of Desire where her sister joins her.

Chelsea also raps on several tracks.

Prastiti’s experience in contemporary composition comes through with beautiful, haunting textures to frame the moments of tangible melodies and more popular sounds such as on Desire and Anxiety.

The static sound-scape of Cosmic Cryptogram acts as a reflective breather, before falling into another chapter of this dreamy album.

After 30 minutes of experimental sounds, hip hop and rapping, the stripped back Duermo Con Un Ojo sits effortlessly as a contrast to the rest of the album. In this provoking original folk song, Prastiti exposes the fullness and richness of her unique voice.

The album was recorded in Wellington by the artist herself, co-mixed by Lorenzo Buhne and mastered by Benni Krueger.

The depth in this album encourages repeat listening, and reveals something new with every listen.

‘Blue Anima’ has pushed boundaries while remaining relevant and accessible.