Reviewed by Ben Mollison

Baynk: Someone’s EP II

Reviewed by Ben Mollison

Baynk: Someone’s EP II

Rising and falling, building and stripping back, moving forward in head-bopping euphoria, Auckland’s Baynk continues proving his electro-pop chops on his second EP.

Jock Nowell-Usticke a.k.a. Baynk has been producing polished electronic music for several years. What is witnessed in his newest release, ‘Someone’s EP II’, is the polished product of his efforts.

Heavy on synths and classic coordinated mixes of bass and beats, his sound is a strong offering of modern electro-pop. Where it may diverge from other music of its kind is in the hypnotic yet mellow feeling that pervades the tracklist. The songs maintain a driving current but continue to feel upbeat and carefree.

The EP is collab-laden, with over half its tracks utilising featured artists. Enhancing, rather than detracting from, the release’s appeal, the smooth vocals meld effortlessly with their electronic undercurrent. Notable collaborations from the EP are the songs ‘Settle’, including UK artist Sinead Harnett, and ‘Off Limits’, with Sydney-based alt-pop trio Glades.

The hooks are dotted with ad-libs and punctuated by swirling lead-ins or beat drops. The chorus sections here serve more as the climax of built-up instrumentation rather than a dominating force which the songs revolve around.

The laidback beats and melodies form tracks which would be just as compatible with the bass-boosted speakers of a house party as on the car sound system during a summer road trip.

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