Video Premiere: Tyson – Save Me

Video Premiere: Tyson – Save Me

Welly Records’ Tyson Nemukula moved to NZ from South Africa when he was 15 years old. Now 22, he’s studying towards his Bachelor of Commercial Music at Massey University in Wellington, and over the last few months has quietly released a number of tunes from his bedroom. Save Me, the single from Tyson’s upcoming EP, is out today.

A collaborative effort, it starts on an otherworldly Life Is Strange soundtrack vibe (shout out to Ari Gurunathan absolutely acing the sparse, shimmering guitar part), before added beats turn the song into a heartfelt electronic pop ballad. Meet the man behind the music.

What’s your weapon of choice?

The instrument I have the most fun playing around with is vocals as there is so much that we can do.

Your biggest musical success up until now?

The thing that I’m proud of in my music at the moment is my team as I would not be here without them, so shout out to Andy Fisher, James Glass and the Welly Records team.

You produce your own music – how did you get into that? What’s the hardest part about that for you?

I produce everything at the moment. I always loved music, from a very very young age, but I got into writing and producing because of Andy Fisher, Rei and Tapz – just being around them during my early teenage years, seeing them work and them encouraging me to create music as well.

The hardest part for me was opening up, believing in myself and loving myself. Music has been a therapy for me with all that I’ve been through. 

Got anyone you look up to in music?

Kendrick Lamar has been someone I’ve looked up to from the time I start writing music. Also Jay Z, Kanye West, Masego and Michael Jackson. 

Who are the voices we can hear on Save Me?

With the vocals Hem Lawrence is the main singer, Andy Fisher is the rapper, and me, but my vocals are everywhere in the track.  

How did you get them involved? 

Andy Fisher is part of the project and Welly Records, and I know Hem from Massey Uni where I heard him sing at first. Ari Gurunathan (guitarist) suggested we should get Hem on board, and boom!  

The guitar on Save Me is gorgeous! What inspired the sound?  

I knew what I wanted from the start – something chill with a summer feel. I just did not know who, how to get it, or where to start! When I saw Ari, who studies music at Massey too, in an Instagram video, I asked him to meet up and told him what my idea was.

Can you talk us through the idea of the video?

The idea of the music video was based around a girl I know. It’s the memory of a day together, the things we got up to, like going around the place exploring, dancing, hanging out at the beach with friends. Just a memory though – she’s no longer there.

What’s the next big thing ahead for you, artistically? 

My EP will be out on March 15! I’ve got some songs that I’m producing for other artists, and there’s talk at the moment about putting on a gig in Wellington, but we will see. The rest I can’t tell you yet – all I can say is we are just getting started.