Pieter T’s Mixtape

Pieter T’s Mixtape

It’s been quiet around Auckland RnB singer Pieter Tuhoro, better known as Pieter T, or even more briefly, just PT these days. Three years after ‘Goliath’, his last album which has enjoyed many millions of Spotify streams to date, he has just released an intensely catchy new single called  Find A Way. NZM asked Pieter to compile a sweet mixtape for us, and comment on some of his influences and Kiwi favourites. 

Che Fu: Misty Frequencies

It isn’t just this song, it’s the man himself. He has created a landscape for RnB and hip hop fused with Polynesian sound, and he did it so effortlessly that I think many of us forget he is a Kiwi! On top of that – Che is an actual top bloke.

Pieter T Feat. Aaradhna: Quite Like You

This song is special for me, one of the best collabs I’ve done. And the way it happened was so dope. I had a friend who produced for her, who asked if she would be keen. I was a newbie then, I never expected her to say yes. So happy she did…

Herbs: Long Ago

Not much to say about this song but that it is a staple of garage parties all over New Zealand to this day. Herbs’ contribution to NZ music is legendary.

House Of Shem: Thinking About You

This is one of the greatest reggae songs of all time from NZ, it just feels epic every time you hear it. The intro draws you in, and from the first verse you’re captured

OMC: How Bizarre

Again, what is there to say?! If this isn’t on the top songs of all time for NZ music, then what are we even talking about. To see how far this song travelled worldwide is outstanding.