February/March 2015

by Sammy Jay Dawson

Fresh Talent: Pieces Of Molly

by Sammy Jay Dawson

Fresh Talent: Pieces Of Molly

Hailing from Christchurch, Ewen Glasgow, Doug Stewart, Sam Kubiak and Jonty O’Connor may describe Pieces Of Molly‘s sound as ‘primal hard rock, but in reality they have found a perfect blend of Black Sabbath riffary, The Who’s ’70s chordal energy and Bonham-inspired power drumming, underneath a Jack White-like blues howl.

“It’s taken us a while to find our footing, says frontman (vocals and lead guitar) Ewen Glasgow. “In the last year, we’ve really discovered what the band’s strengths are and how to best serve them.

Although it is easy to draw comparisons to a host of classic rock influences, the band’s sound is a tightly constructed cocktail that includes everything from Aerosmith to Red Fang.

Having recently played support for Canadian metal legends Anvil, and Kiwi heroes The Datsuns, Pieces of Molly are well on their way to earning themselves a leading position in Christchurch’s rise as our hard rock capital. Opening for The Datsuns has been one of the band’s biggest highlights according to Glasgow,

“The early 21st century garage rock revival was one that inspired us very early on, so it was an absolute honour to play with one of the bands that spear-headed that movement and made us want to pick up guitars in the first place.”

While, 2012 saw the release of debut EP ‘Pieces Of Molly’, with live favourites Hells Decibels, Bucket of Booze and of course their signature tune Pieces Of Molly, it’s the band’s recent activity, complete with a new line up, that is gaining them national attention.

“Although I started out learning the drums by playing rock music, Pieces Of Molly has demanded the most amount of physicality and stamina,”” says most recent addition, drummer Jonty O’Connor.

“As a drummer I’m very interested in the free improv and more jazz-influenced styles of playing, so it’s great to be a part of a band that has its roots in the music I grew up with. It’s a great feeling playing with a group of both friends and musicians, and know that we can all push each other, night after night, to play at our full potential.”

2015 is shaping up to be Pieces Of Molly’s busiest yet. Fans will finally be treated to the band’’s sophomore release, although the lads are reluctant to divulge too many secrets.

“We’re really excited about the new tracks, and we can’t wait for people to hear them. Although we can’t give too much away, it’s going to be a whole new dimension to the Pieces Of Molly sound.”