Vox Pops: Best NZ Music Moments Summer 2019/2020

Vox Pops: Best NZ Music Moments Summer 2019/2020

With summer (officially) having come to an end, NZM asked readers, artists and industry types about their favourite NZ Music Moments Summer 2019/2020. 

Em-Haley Walker, Theia, Sydney

Honestly, this summer was the best time. I had a blast at all the festivals – playing my new music – but one of the true highlights was playing Soundsplash in Timaru. Little known fact – I spent the ages of 1-5 living in ‘Timmers’ and my nana still lives in Waimate. She is in her 80s and has never seen me perform! So my mum and dad got a wheelchair to help her navigate the hills of Caroline Bay and brought her to watch my set. Looking out and seeing nana with ear muffs sitting in a wheelchair on an old school dance floor and literally bouncing in an old school NZ community hall was a special moment I’ll never forget.


Andrew Fagan, Musician, Auckland

Getting to sing the lyrics “Aberrated species, pumping out the faeces,” live on RNZ without any listeners complaining…


Annabel Liddell, Miss June, Auckland

For me, it would be finally recording new music!! We made a shoddy little studio in a Storage King unit. Padded out all the walls, downloaded software and gathered together mics and equipment. It’s been so much fun finally laying down new tracks and being able to do it ourselves! 


Forrest Thorp, Strangely Arousing, Auckland

We were lucky enough to get gifted a copy of Dr. Reknaw‘s debut EP, which hasn’t been released digitally yet. All the boys have been looking forward to this release ever since we met the Reknaw whānau down in Wellington in 2018. Listening to those lovely sounds in the van for the first time was definitely a huge highlight! 


Victor Hawkins-Sulfa, Hawkins, Auckland

I am someone who likes to dissect the moments within moments. It’s incredible to me that one day, this very summer will be but a moment within our lives; a life that I hope for you all is wonderfully coloured and riddled with love. I say this because I love seeing people win. Flowers for everyone.

This summer was the pleasant surprise of seeing Skilaa play while walking up Queen St. 
The insta-moments of Joel [Shadbolt] from L.A.B living out his bucket-list.
Garden conversations over coffee with Jesse [Sheehan] from Fred.
The nostalgia of recording backing vocals on a track for Lou’ana [Whitney]
Hearing Aaradhna commend La CoCo on her voice in the name of sisterhood.
It’s Shepherds Reign finally getting their shine.
The kotahitanga of music.
That has been the best moment of this summer.
Like going home to Whanau singalongs in the garage with a guitar and four chords.
I find healing, I find gratitude and I find home.


Poppy Tohill, CRS Management, Auckland

It has been another busy summer in the land of festivals throughout Aotearoa with many memorable and special moments. However, the most notable memory for me was watching Benee perform Soaked in Te Reo at the Auckland Laneway Festival. Watching the entire crowd listen intently and acknowledge our native language, as well as showing their support to Benee for taking on such a task was incredibly moving and empowering.


Abrzy Rahman, Musician, Wellington

One of my highlights of this summer is I recently went to Bangladesh to film a series about immigrants in NZ that do creative things. I’m really excited to see the final product when it airs live on TV very soon. The experience of travelling there led me to create this song which I am particularly proud of. Looking forward to tapping into my roots as I make more music this year.


Georgia Parker, Smokefree Rockquest, Auckland

It has to be the moment when a friend whisper-yelled in my ear,  “I feel sorry for everyone who is not here.” 

This was during Marlon Williams’ closing set at Laneway Festival, which was a real jaw-dropper. His performance was the kind of relaxed that has great deal of preparation, thought and love behind it. The band was tight, his vocal melted hearts, his outfit was white (it takes a special kind of person to look that cool in a white outfit, and he is that kind of person). 

He truly is a national treasure. 10/10 would recommend.


Michael Anderson, The Vibes, Auckland

the vibes with wolfmother at amplify rock festial 2020Our highlight was opening for Wolfmother down in Palmerston North as part of Amplify Rock Festival.

It was an incredible experience to be able to perform on the bill with one of our influences, who turns out to be quite a down-to-earth guy.

The crowd was fantastic and showed up early to watch all the opening acts so we had quite a strong response. It was great to see a new festival debut here in NZ, particularly in a genre that is not often part of large festivals around the country. The community between the acts and techs was rather humbling, and it was wonderful to be a part of it.

We hope to see more of this in the future of New Zealand’s music scene which in our opinion is stronger now than ever before!


Molly Devine, Musician, Dunedin

On Jan 6 I opened Molly Devine’s School of Music in Dunedin and it has been so fab! My timetable is already completely jam-packed and I’ve been working with artists of all ages, making EPs, singing, writing songs, producing music and much more! It has been the best few months ever. 


Chris Dickinson, Tablefox, Auckland

Tablefox supporting Stellar and The Feelers in Mt Maunganui. All three bands played killer sets to a great crowd. The whole tour was pretty epic actually.


Laura Hunter, The Settlers, Christchurch

Our best moment would be performing at Electric Ave, our local festival, and feeling a shift in the group’s progression. This comes after making and recording a whole new project of music, and performing it live with our new band members Jin on guitar and Tyler on keys. We look forward to releasing this music soon!


Ryan Ferris, Beacon Bloom, Christchurch

I saw my good friends in ZANE 2000 add an incredibly unique and powerful show to the line up at Something Else Festival. Added bonus that watching them helped me grow as a live performer.


Bernard Sargeant, Smoke And Mirrors, Kawerau

L.A.B / Six60 at Toll Stadium in Whangarei:

six60 lab whangarei 2020


Rowan Carlyle, The Groundsmen, Taranaki

The Groundsmen supporting HLAH at Smash Palace‘s 30th anniversary weekend celebrations in Gisborne, and the retrieval of the stolen [HLAH] Les Paul!