NewTracks New Artist Siobhan Sainte

NewTracks New Artist Siobhan Sainte

Self-confessed indie baby and Õtautahi native Siobhan Sadgrove aka Siobhan Sainte utilises her signature style of dark, sexy storytelling in her songs to create an edgy feel to her brand of alt pop. After her two released singles, Burn it Down and Midnight, gained international attention, with Midnight featuring in the trailer for Netflix’s White Lines, NZ On Air Music added her single Didn’t Lie to their NewTracks compilation this July.

What’s your full name, where are you from, and what instruments do you play (if any)?

Siobhan Sainte, I’m from Christchurch, New Zealand. I sing, play piano and guitar.

Was any high school or other music training especially important to you?

In high school, I had a  lovely guitar teacher named Josiah, that really encouraged my writing and original style. When I later studied at Jazz School I was helped very much by most of the lecturers there notably David Saunders who had just introduced a contemporary music course <3

Any other previous (or current) projects might we know you from?

I have two singles released prior to Didn’t lie, Burn it down and Midnight.

What’s the background story of how Siobhan Sainte as a project came to be? Who else is directly involved?

I suppose I properly emerged when I first released Burn It Down, with producer Doctor Rosen Rosen. He had seen my music on Youtube and Instagram, and I travelled to Los Angeles where he is based and we wrote the tracks there together.

How has your writing (or music) evolved from your beginnings in songwriting to now?

A lot of my core writing style and sound remain the same, always dark, sexy storytelling. I suppose what has changed is what I’m writing about, what lessons I’m learning are what I try to translate through my tracks.

How and when did you come up with the name for the new project? What made you decide to go with Siobhan Sainte as your artist name?

Siobhan Sainte is my family name, it has always been my artist name too. The only alternative considered was “Siobhan” just by itself, but I have a catholic background which I draw from for my writing and art a lot so “Sainte” was too fitting to drop.

Aside from this release, what’s been the big highlight to date?

Some of the most enjoyable moments have been when my song is put onto another piece of art, kind of taking on a whole new life. Midnight was featured on the White Lines Netflix original series trailer, very much a highlight.

What makes Didn’t Lie stand out for you as a single?

I’ve stayed clear of love songs till Didn’t Lie so taking it a bit more deep and personal, getting to know a more vulnerable side of myself.

What is the story behind Didn’t Lie?

Didn’t Lie, is for those who fall in love without the ideal circumstances, the ones that face all sorts of obstacles.

What’s your favourite moment, musical or lyrical, of the single?

“Dripping down, I watch you from the ceiling” this line has a few different meanings and I’m excited for people to choose which one it is for them.

Who did you write/record/produce the single with and where? Got a fun story about the making-of?

I wrote this song at my talented friend Neil Macleod’s home with him and Devin Abrams in Wellington. It came together really quickly that day we all gelled well. The first time my singles have been locally written/produced.

What would you like listeners to take away from this song?

I would just love for them to be able to find and appreciate the good a little easier, amongst the bad times in the world of love and romance.

How do you generally work out what song would make a good single?

Honestly, for me, it’s very personal whatever one I just like the most. Whatever one I think will remain true to who I am.

Who else is in your team?

I’m a self-managed indie baby! The producers I worked with for Didn’t Lie are Neil Macleod and Devin Abrams.

Are there any other musical endeavours you’re working on that we should keep an eye out for? 

Pallas has just been announced, it is a brand new duo I formed with the beautiful Laura Lee Lovely and myself! Expect songs this year <3

Can you please name three other local tunes that would fit well on a playlist alongside your song?

Are there any musical blogs, Youtube channels or podcasts you’re super into?

I mainly just follow artists and their music

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