December/January 2018

by JP Carroll

McPherson White Fuzz

by JP Carroll

McPherson White Fuzz

There are plenty of off-the-peg guitar effects pedal options available from the High St shops, so if you’re going to go the extra distance to buy a ‘boutique’ pedal you want to enjoy a boutique experience. Right from opening the box tightly housing the McPherson White Fuzz plus bonus accessories, the first impression you’ll get is of attention to detail.

This hot little number is a fetching no-nonsense blend of creamy grey trims, an evidently solid metal build with quality parts on display.

Not only is the main unit attractive, but included is a canvas pouch, a leather pick holder wallet and some guitar picks to boot.

Handmade in the Bay of Plenty, this is a boutique guitar effects pedal with an emphasis on integrity.

mcpherson white fuzz

Outwardly the White Fuzz sports three tone adjustment knobs, Volume, Fuzz and Sizzle tightly grouped around a ‘Fat’ switch, and the footswitch with an LED to indicate function. I played the White Fuzz through my Mesa Boogie 50 Express, 50W tube amp with matching 2×12, and a Fender Strat with a DiMarzio passive humbucker in the bridge.

Enough small talk, let’s get into the meat and vege!

With the Fuzz at 12 o’clock, Sizzle at around 9 o’clock and the Fat switch set to off, I got a Tube Screamer effect on the clean Mesa channel, with plenty of articulation on an otherwise overdriven tone. It was warm and clear, and broke up more when struck harder.

Cranking the Sizzle to 12, flicking the switch up to ‘Fat’ and the Fuzz to 3 o’clock I found a saturated, warm tone, akin to the likes of Royal Blood’s ‘guitar’ sound.

This pedal is a very modern sounding Fuzz with clarity enough to sit in the mix without leaking over everything else that’s going on. Stylish, functional, practical, fun, and ultimately endearing.

If you’re looking for a boutique pedal to enjoy on the side of your main squeeze, McPherson’s White Fuzz will add that spark of excitement your pedal board has been looking for.

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