Madeleine Howard’s Mixtape

Madeleine Howard’s Mixtape

On July 31, Christchurch songwriter Madeleine Howard released Reaching Out, the third single from her upcoming September-release EP.  Produced by Nomad‘s Will McGillivray, the song is special to her. “It’s about two people who I was once really close with, and for various reasons have since drifted from. The song is my way of essentially reaching out to them.” As lovers of a good playlist, we asked her to weave one around the new song, and give some of her picks a bit of personal context for us. Have a listen to Madeleine‘s collection of songs from some of her favourite Kiwi artists; songs that she “can’t get enough of”, as she tells us.

Anika Moa: Running Through The Fire  & Brooke Fraser: Flags

Anika Moa and Brooke Fraser were huge influences for me growing up. I taught myself guitar by playing along to their songs, and felt their style of music closely reflected the sort of music that I wanted to create. Running Through The Fire inspired the sound for my second single, Missing Pieces. It’s driving and upbeat and I love the harmonies in the chorus.

I find it hard to choose my favourite Brooke Fraser song, but Flags is stunning. I love how it slowly builds into a haunting yet comforting conclusion. I also think it’s an important song that sums up how I’m feeling about the current state of affairs in the world.

Goldenhorse: Wake Up Brother

This is nostalgic for me, I remember watching the music video for this on TV when I was a kid. I love the guitars and Kirsten Morrell’s vocals.

Broods: Peach

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m obsessed with Broods. I met Caleb before their Dunedin show back in 2014 and I had lipstick all over my teeth. Super cool. Peach is the ultimate pop song, that euphoric chorus gets me up dancing every time.

Georgia Lines: Vacant Cities

A new artist that I discovered earlier this year. I love Georgia’s smooth, effortless vocals. Her debut EP came out in March and I’ve had it on repeat ever since. Vacant Cities showcases her stunning vocal range.

Lorde: Green Light

When Green Light came out I was going through a tough time with some friendships that had broken down, (which in turn because the subject matter for my latest single). This was the song that I would blast to get over those people. What a tune.

Fur Patrol: Lydia

A classic, but a song that I never really fully appreciated until recently.

Bic Runga: Something Good

Arguably the queen of NZ singer-songwriters, Bic Runga is up there with Anika Moa and Brooke Fraser for me, three women who inspired me to start creating my own music.

Evermore: Never Let Me Go

At the ripe old age of 15, I was obsessed with Evermore. I had every album, every single, posters on my walls, you name it. I used to drive my friends mad. Their album ‘Real Life’ was my favourite.

Ladyhawke: My Delirium

A perfect pop song. I had a lot of fun doing a cover of this, and am looking forward to playing it with my band at our upcoming EP show in September.