June/July 2014

by Darryl Baser

Fresh Talent: Kane Strang

by Darryl Baser

Fresh Talent: Kane Strang

At 21 years of age, Kane Strang has already achieved a great deal as a musician. He has released one album, lived in a foreign country, and is currently half-way through recording album number two.

For those reading this in Dunedin, or most places south of Christchurch for that matter, the surname may well be familiar. Kane is the nephew of Piano Specialist’s’ Jim Strang, and various family members have been part of the local music scene for generations.

Despite his family’s musical influence, Kane recalls his education beginning on a faltering note – he was kicked out of clarinet lessons for playing the drums at the same time. He’’s currently working on his second album, having begun his recording career overseas.
“I’’ve got an album I recorded in a World War II bomb shelter, in Germany.””

Explaining that conversational ‘bombshell’’, he says it came about from an invitation from a German exchange student who lived with his family during his last year at high school.
“He invited me to come and stay, so I went over. There were many nights where my friends went to the pub and I just went to the bunker to record.””

The lights being on a timed meter gave the recordings a rushed feel.
“I’’d be playing or singing then the timer would go off and I’’d be in complete darkness. It was haunting.””

He admits to having a bit of a processing issue with his current album as well.
“I’’m doing everything in reverse. I started with guitar and bass, and began recording in The Attic, with Adrian Ng of Trick Mammoth.””

Feeling guilty for taking Ng’’s time, he retreated to his bedroom and now accepts recording guitar and vocals first makes it tricky.
“I’’ve made it hard for myself, but it sort of has this loose feel.””

Although he has just laid down the bass tracks for the album, and his pal Isaac Hickey of Astro Children is yet to record drum parts over the top, Kane thinks this sophomore release will have an entirely different feel to his first album. It has the working title ‘Sun Sounds’’, reflecting the fact that he’’s followed the sun around the planet to have three summers in a row.

“I’’m tempted to change it, but it comes from the half-awake, half-asleep state in the very early hours of the morning. I’’m a very impatient person. I’’m trying to take my time, but I’’m ready for it to be finished. I’’d like to release on vinyl.””

Musical plans for the future include putting a band together to tour the album, but Kane also admits to having itchy feet.
“I’’m thinking maybe America. I met some Americans in Germany who said, ‘You should come and sleep on our couch…’”'”