May/June 2023

by Silke Hartung

FromThePit 2023: Des Nielsen

by Silke Hartung

FromThePit 2023: Des Nielsen

Celebrating five years of local music photography exhibition FromThePit, an exceptional collection of iconic contemporary live snaps was chosen to be on digital display across publicly accessible screens of Aotearoa in May 2023, including a placement in the Parliament visitor centre at the Beehive. This is Kawerau photographer Des Nielsen, who submitted a photo of singers-singer Hollie Smith.

hollie smith des nielsenWhat’s your name, where are you from and how did you get into photography?

Des Nielsen, from Kawerau, Bay of Plenty. I was always taking photos on family holiday, then I met a teacher who showed me it was a viable career option.

What’s your philosophy around taking photos?

Don’t think about taking the perfect photo, just be aware of the opportunities that are around you just in case the perfect shot is there.

Which Kiwi act do you enjoy taking photos of most and why?

WhoShotScott has some amazing energy (which at times can be hard to capture how I want to). And for some reason whenever I’ve shot Masaya, there has always been the most beautiful light that matches their music and style perfectly!

If you could pick one camera, one lens and one flash, which ones would you pick, and why?

Any camera that works! Although I’m partial to the Canon system. I would have to go with the 24-70 2.8 because you can’t miss with it. As for flash, even though I might take one with me, I never use it, the in show lighting even if abysmal is going to tell a better story.