December/January 2022

by Amelia Williamson

Fresh Talent: There’s A Tuesday

by Amelia Williamson

Fresh Talent: There’s A Tuesday

 There’s A Tuesday is settling in as one of Aotearoa’s freshest dream-pop bands. The four-piece is fronted by Nat Hutton and Minnie Robberds on vocals and guitar, alongside Gus Murray on drums and Joel Becker on bass, and diversifies the local music scene with a charisma that’s so well championed by their imaginative lyrics and melodious pop-infused tunes.

Initially named ‘There’s A Tuesday Between A Monday And Between A Wednesday’ the flourishing young band has made big moves – mostly notably being one of the few Kiwi bands to be fronted by two female artists.

“That is pretty rare in the music industry and something I’m super stoked to be a part of,” says singer Nat Hutton.

However, that isn’t the only progressive driver with this now Auckland-based band. With songwriting collaborations among band fronters Hutton and Robberds, There’s a Tuesday cleverly explores much of the dialogue that concerns their own generational audience.

“We’re writing lots of music that just relates to things that we know so many people are experiencing, especially right now in Covid. We write a lot about mental health and people, and political views and experiences.”

The band has named Phoebe Bridgers, Julia Jacklin and Benee as some of their biggest musical influences, and certainly keep these artists at bay through their music with their percussive, fresh and vibrant sound.

Debut single Pinata Head tailed their huge success after being named winners of the solo/duo section of Smokefree Rockquest in 2019, and was testament to their distinctive representation of mental health in music. Their debut EP ‘Dance With Me Before We Cry’ came soon after in 2020, carrying with it the song Amsterdam, which has become the band’s biggest track yet, as well as Fomo, both of which touch on the subjects of anxiety and mental health.

Originating in Christchurch, the band is heading to new heights after recently signing with Stella Rose Bennett, (aka Benee) on her label Olive Records, and have an exciting tour planned alongside Benee kicking off in Nelson on February 25.

They’ve toured before, but this will be the biggest on-the-road stint yet for the youthful band.

“After we complete the tour with Benee we’d love to do a tour of our own and hopefully venture out of NZ to Australia and some other places which would be really fun,” says Hutton when asked about their visions for the band’s future. “But mostly write lots of music and get our stuff out there.”

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