June/July 2016

by Alex Pickard

Fresh Talent: Skelter

by Alex Pickard

Fresh Talent: Skelter

Consisting of Eddie Kiesanowski (vocals and guitar), Zeke Mitchell-Emerson (guitars), Robert Daglish (bass) and James Rance on drums, Skelter are yet another example of a jazz school stewing pot gone right.

The Christchurch rockers all went to school together, though Eddie laughs that he decided to go to jazz school pretty much with the sole purpose of finding a band.

“Rob was in my class and I was telling him how I was looking for some people, and he was like, ‘What are you looking for?’ and I said, ‘Bass and drums’. He was like, ‘I play bass!’”

Rob pipes up laughing, “Nah, I was like, ‘I’ll play drums!’”

That tune quickly changed when he found out Eddie had his eyes on second year jazz student and former Kentucky Fried Children drummer, James Rance.

“He [James] was so scary!” laughs Rob in admiration.

For his part James admits to being a bit sceptical as he was plenty busy at the time.

“I didn’t want to stretch myself out too much. But I’m glad I did,” he grins.

It’s apparent that each member brings with them their own influences, all of which helps build Skelter’s defining rock sound.

“Old school rock,” smiles Zeke. “Led Zep, Stones, AC/DC, shit like that.”

“Love the blues, man”, adds Eddie. “We [Zeke] grew up on the same kind of music, ya know. Beatles…”

“Guns’n’Roses”, chime Zeke and Eddie together.

“I was a real metalhead in high school, and still am,” claims Rob brightly. “It’s broadened a lot into jazz and rock, but that metal rhythm, ya know, that’s where the bass is.”

“I’m kind’a the same. When I first started playing drums I loved metal because it was just so fast and blistering,” James agrees.

They’ve been tweaking their sound recently for a live acoustic set recorded for RDU at Sawtooth Studios.

“It was definitely a different experience sitting down and preforming quietly in front of 30 people”, says Eddie. “Stripping everything back is a hard thing to do really. It feels like you are standing naked in front of a crowd.”

The band opened for Beastwars recently and have played to a packed out Churchills venue, both good preparations for a busy year ahead.

“September! We’ll be on tour with Acca Dacca”, reveals Eddie. “Not the real AC/DC. Like Acca Dacca the Australian… well I suppose they are both… [everyone laughs]… the tribute band!”

“Our single, Get Outa My Face is coming out…in a couple months?”  Eddie appeals to the band.

“We should probably put a date on that!” they all laugh.

The track won them the full $10K Making Tracks funding from NZ On Air in May, and has been recorded at The Lab in Auckland. Skelter have the video shoot coming up with Rick Harvie of Belmont Productions.

“Once that’s out, we’ll do some touring for that too,” James offers.

Photo: Aaron Leece