October/November 2016

by Aabir Mazumdar

Fresh Talent: Deanne Krieg

by Aabir Mazumdar

Fresh Talent: Deanne Krieg

From an early age, singer/songwriter Deanne Krieg was exposed to an inter-disciplinary approach to music, pursuing both singing and the guitar through her school years. Deanne earned a scholarship to a programme at Capital E that trained her to develop her own music and introduced her to recording and music production. She continued to purse her talents and completed her Bachelors degree in performance, with a focus on vocal jazz from the NZ School of Music.

Her aesthetic sensibilities have been informed by a variety of influences. “In my teenage years I thrashed Bjork, Radiohead and Portishead!” she reminisces.

Remembering her particularly deep admiration for Bjork she exclaims; “She’s a songwriter, she produced her stuff, she did everything!”

Iceland’s Sigur Ros are another influence.

“It isn’t really vocal-driven music, but it’s about creating a soundscape. It can be quite melancholic, the stuff that I like, and I find that really beautiful.”

Considering herself primarily a folk singer/songwriter, Deanne also composes and performs as part of a number of projects including Ida Lune (“folk-heavy with intricate harmonies”), The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra and her current solo project Whim. Her ethereal voice features on three tracks of the recently released Pacific Heights’ album ‘The Stillness’ and she has been on tour as part of the live band, playing shows in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

“What’s cool with what I’m doing now with Pacific Heights, it does have that melancholic [sound] about it, but it also can be amazing dance music as well, and I think that’s kind of where the two worlds, for me, collide.”

Discussing Whim Deanne notes that her work with Devin Abrams’ electronica-driven style has influenced her approach to composition.

“It’s kind of a mish-mash of jazz, folk and electronica,” she offers.

Such a unique constellation of influences affords a rich palette of possible approaches to stylistic intersections. In her upcoming EP, ‘Hiraeth’, these distinct intersections are tastefully understated yet satisfyingly articulate efforts that hold their own despite often sparse arrangements.

Following the EP’s October release Deanne is enthusiastic about taking Whim on tour, expecting a mix of electronic and live instrumentation will be required to achieve the sound she envisions. She already hopes to have a full album as well as a live show ready to tour next year.