December/January 2021

by Ella Glannaz

Fresh Talent: Cloudy

by Ella Glannaz

Fresh Talent: Cloudy

Rounding up the successful single releases of Dear Dunkin’ (2019) and last year’s Addicted To You Kiwi/Austrian artist Cloudy has delivered a debut EP titled ‘Good Grief’. Cloudy (Claudia Paine) is unapologetically herself. Kind, down to earth, the EP takes us on her journey with songs inspired by her life experiences, honest and open, unveiling her thoughts through her lyrics. 

A true artistic talent, Claudia also creates all her own musical artwork.

“I love painting at home, as an outlet. I’m a very visual person so I enjoy sitting down and doing my own single/EP art.”

While her debut single Dear Dunkin’ was an upbeat, folk pop-inspired, playful ‘feel good’ song, the release of indie-pop founded ‘Good Grief’ reveals her talents lie well beyond any one style. Indeed she says that when in the studio she wanted different dynamics and “something for everyone”, to avoid the EP sitting in one specific genre.

“The title ‘Good Grief’ sort of has a double meaning. It’s saying like, ‘Wow, that was a lot to go through,’ but then it’s also saying ‘good grief’, like, like it’s good to process all these things I’ve written about through music.

“The songs are little stories from a period of my life that I’ve carefully put together. Not all of the songs are romantic although I know there’s a lot of love/break up themes throughout. I think some that sound like I’m singing about someone I’m actually singing to myself.

“Lyrics are always a very important part for me, the lyrics are always 100% mine. The things we say can have a huge impact so I like to be intentional and only say what I mean, especially in this EP.”

Claudia describes her songwriting process as happening very much in the moment.

“If I write a song most of the time it’ll just come to me or something will have happened, or I would’ve seen something to prompt me. I’ll just be at home and I’ll grab my guitar, or my ukulele, and I’ll just start writing what I’m thinking. Then I start thinking about the things that will happen in the studio, like all the different elements and drums etc… I think the creative part really comes out in the studio when I can work with my producer and bring to light the other ideas I have.”

She praises producer Harry Charles for pushing her out of any private comfort zone.

“I figured out I really do like making the songs bigger than just acoustic tunes, and collaborating with someone opens up so many opportunities and creativity for the song. There is a very visual element to the songs on the EP. The songs are about painting a picture in the listener’s head. I hope when people listen, if they close their eyes they can see a setting and imagine a certain place or time that they connect to.”

The Auckland artist has not long started playing live shows.

“I’ve recently put together a band with a bunch of my very talented musical friends and it has been so cool jamming with them. Previously I just performed solo with my guitar and ukulele, acoustically, so this is like a whole new energy, and I get to focus more on the singing. They’re all amazing musicians too and bring lots of ideas to the table for live shows, so I’m very lucky to have them on board and it’s really fun!”


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