By Silke Hartung

Molly & The Chromatics – Anubis Release Tour

by Silke Hartung

Molly & The Chromatics – Anubis Release Tour

Molly & The Chromatics are taking their soulful grooves on a nationwide tour to celebrate the release of their new single Anubis. Silke Hartung caught up with frontwoman Molly Rowlandson a few days before.

It’s been almost a year since your ‘Straight Lines‘ EP – what have you guys been up to?

We’ve been writing music, playing a few gigs… and in between our drummer has been overseas for three months! But he’s back, and we’re back in the game.

You’ve just released your new single Anubis – An Ancient Egyptian god! Can you tell us a little about the story behind the song?

Our guitarist George [Edgar] has an awesome dog – a whippet named Harold. He looks like the ancient Egyptian god Anubis… hence our song Anubis is an ode to Harold.

Who did you record it with?

As per our EP ‘Straight Lines’, we recorded at The Depot in Devonport. The Depot is an awesome little studio. George and I grew up in Devo so it’s nice to keep things local. We recorded it with the awesome and talented Morgan Allen, who produced ‘Straight Lines’ too.

You’ve booked your upcoming tour yourself – any tips to share with other self-booking artists from that experience?

Get organised way in advance! Also make sure you don’t book your tour when there is a fuel crisis to avoid a bit of unnecessary stress! Make sure you have a good relationship with the venue manager and communication is open and clear. And have a really great time!

Who will be supporting you on tour?

Dunedin – HOT donnas, Halps and Gregory Sauve
Wanaka – HOT donnas
Wellington – Solomon
Auckland – Round Buddah and Bzzle

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