By Amelia Williamson

Live Review: Echo Children, April 22, Wine Cellar

by Amelia Williamson

Live Review: Echo Children, April 22, Wine Cellar

It’s been a busy 2021 so far for The Wine Cellar on Auckland’s K’ Rd, but near the end of April, Echo Children brought a striking new character to the venue. By the end of the night the local band had compelled their cross-generation audience to scream for ‘one last song’, even after an encore. 

In celebration of their latest EP, ‘Toxic Happiness’, the three-piece brought their cutting edge, alt-country sound, joined by vivy alt-punk band, Running Stitch and striking blues-rock band, Racket Royale. The line up proved contrasting, yet nevertheless united all in the venue to celebrate the EP release.

Running Stitch opened proceedings with Brightside and Haunted highlighting their set. The thrust of power chords, crisp vocals, drive of the drums and groovy bass set a scene for the mixed audience to get comfortable as the venue filled up. Racket Royale performed a diverse set, including memorable moments of instrumental talent, which proved popular with the crowd. Sharp vocals emphasised the evident potential of the band, and the closing song Piha – dedicated to the lead singer’s late father – was a clear audience favourite.

Echo Children instantly grabbed the attention of the venue during their opening number Calamine. Oliver Young, on vocals and guitar, impressed the crowd with his invigorating and ripe talent. Niamh O’Flynn created a sense of indie flare on drums and vocal harmonies, while Amanda Larsson’s prowess on guitar, bass and vocals radiated through, the artistry and flair of songwriting in the new EP apparent. Labour of Love from their 2017 EP and This Was Our Fault were highly popular, turning the centre of the venue into a groovy dance pit. Flowerbeds, my personal highlight of the night, further united the crowd, bringing a warm, indie feel to the atmosphere. As their set came to an end, it was obvious the crowd wasn’t ready for a final number, and Forest Fires from the band’s 2017 EP proved a powerful encore. Echo Children genuinely managed to end the night on a true high, filling the venue with smiles, exhilaration and comfort.