Oceania Audio Sales


AEA Ribbon Microphones
Antelope Audio HD Audio clocks, Audio Interfaces
API Modular Preamps, EQs & Compressors
Aston Microphones
Avalon Design Pure Class A Signal Processing
AvantonePro Electronics Mixcube Monitors, Microphones
Avedis Audio 500 Series Mic Pres & EQs
Avenson Audio Condensor Mics & DIs
BAE Vintage Mic Preamps / Equalizers
Black Lion Audio Digital Clocks, Mic preamps, Compressors and 500 Series Modules
Blue Microphones Microphones
Burl Audio D/A A/D Convertors, 500 Series Preamps
Chandler Ltd Preamps, EQs and Compressors
Clear-Com Wired and Wireless Intercom Systems
Cloud Microphones Ribbon Mics and CloudLifter Mic Optimizers
Coles Ribbon Mics
Countryman & Assoc DI Boxes & Miniature Mics
Direct Sound Extreme Isolation Headphones
Drawmer Valve, Digital & Conventional Signal Processors
Empirical Labs ‘The Distressor’ Compressor, FATSO, Lil Freq EQ and Mike-e
Eventide Effects Hardware & Plugins
FMR Audio Compressor, Preamp & Levelling Amp
Funk Logic Rack Trays and Rack Filler
Golden Age Vintage Preamps
Heil Sound Dynamic Microphones
JDK Mic Pres, EQs & Compressors
Joe Meek Voice Channels, Stereo Opto Compressors, Large and Small Diaphragm Mics
Lindell Audio Audio Processors
Locomotive Audio Vacuum tube Preamps and Compressors
Looptrotter Audio Monster Compressor, Emperor Limiter, Satur8 Summing Mixer, Modular 500 series mixer
Manley Labs Vacuum Tube Preamps, EQs Compressors, Channel Strips and Microphones
Microtech Gefell German Microphones
Mojave Audio Fet and Tube Microphones
Oktava Condenser & Ribbon Mics
ProCo Multicores & Bulk Cable, RAT Distortion Pedals
Purple Audio 500 Series Preamps and EQs
Roll Music Super Stereo Compressor, Folcrum Bus Mixer
Royer Labs Ribbon Microphones
Schoeps Modular Condenser Mics and Access
Shadow Hills HQ Mic Pres, Compressors
Soyuz Russian Microphones
Stedman Steel Pop Screens
Studio Projects Condenser Mics, Mic Preamps and Accessories
Triad-Orbit Mic Stands and Accessories
Trident Audio Designs Mixers & Studio Monitors
United Studio Technologies Microphones
Warm Audio Mic Preamps, Compressors & EQs
Weight Tank Audio Vacuum Tube Compressors
Wunder Audio Mics & Preamps

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