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AB Rosin
Alegria Guitars
Aquila Strings
Aroma Tuners and Metronomes
Awhi Guitar Straps
Boogie Juice Fingerboard Cleaner
Calato (Regal / Road) Drumsticks & Brushes
Cooper Stands
CPK Products
Darco Electric & Bass Guitars Strings
Feadog Irish Whistles
Finger Ease String Lubricant
Fishman Transducers & Amplifiers
G7th Capos
Gotoh Guitar Parts
Hidersine Bows, Rosins & Shoulder Rests
Hills Rosin
Kala Ukuleles
Kyser Capos, Cleaners & Strings
LM Guitar Straps
Makala Ukuleles
Martin Guitars, Strings & Accessories
Neotech Straps & Slings
Ohana Ukuleles
Players Woodwind, Brass Accessories
Pyramid Strings for Violin, Cello and Guitar
Rapco Cables
RhythmTech Percussion
Rico, Reserve, Royal, Mitchell Lurie, Hemke, Plasticover & Select Jazz Reeds
Saga Stringed Instruments (Regal, Rover, Kentucky, Gitane)
Savarez Classical Strings
Schaller Straplocks
Shubb Capos
Sigma Guitars
Tom’s Line Mini Effects Pedals
Wittner Metronomes, Music Stands & Violin Accessories

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Phone: (09) 303 4936

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