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Main programme: BACHELOR OF MUSIC

Duration: Three years full time
Commences: Monday 5 March, 2018

Entry criteria: University Entrance and by audition for performance majors (or Masters in Music Therapy).

Emphasis: Students may major in one of: Jazz; Classical Performance; Composition (instrumental and vocal, or sonic arts); Music Studies (specialising in musicology, ethnomusicology, jazz, or without specialisation).
Facilities: A variety of concert venues including Studio 310 and the Adam Concert Room on the Kelburn campus; practice/ rehearsal rooms with after-hours access; recording studios suitable for recording to a professional standard; keyboard laboratories for individual practice and musicianship training; Javanese and Balinese gamelan; the Lilburn Electroacoustic Music Studios; Sonic Arts Lab.

Lecturers and artist teachers: For profiles see:

Career prospects: BMus graduates in all areas of study will have broad transferrable skills and knowledge to enter a diverse range of careers. Careers for all music graduates include performing, composing, arranging, teaching, librarianship, radio work, and administrative roles in cultural organisations and other sectors of the music and arts industries.

Prominent graduates: Little Bushman (Warren Maxwell, Joe and Tom Callwood, Rick Cranson), Myele Manzanza, Reuben Bradley, Jeff Henderson, Simon O’Neill (tenor), Madeleine Pierard (soprano), Julia Joyce (viola), composers John Psathas, Gareth Farr, Chris Gendall and Dylan Lardelli.

Cost: Approximately $6,742 per year.

Auditions: Auditions for both Classical Performance and Jazz Programmes will take place in late August (main audition period) and October. Earlier or later auditions might be possible. Contact the Classical Performance or Jazz Administrator respectively.

Other programmes: Bachelor Of Music (Honours), Master Of Music, Master Of Musical Arts, Master Of Music Therapy, Graduate Diploma In Music, Postgraduate Diploma In Music, Artist Diploma, Doctor of Musical Arts, PhD in Music, Bachelor of Arts with a Music Major (BA in Music Studies at Victoria University of Wellington).

NB: A range of open entry courses in Music Studies, Composition and Performance can be taken by students enrolled in other degrees. Many of these are open entry (no prior musical expertise required) or by audition (large ensemble performance ie: orchestra, big band etc.)

Te Kōkī New Zealand School of Music (NZSM) at Victoria University of Wellington


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