Reviewed by Megan Gnad

Coral: My Addictive DNA

Reviewed by Megan Gnad

Coral: My Addictive DNA

Taking a huge step forward in production and craft, her debut album, ‘My Addictive DNA’ is brave with a rebellious edge that only adds to the intrigue of Coral Pitcher.

The young Hamilton singer/songwriter made her public debut in 2008, when she progressed to the last 12 of NZ’s Got Talent.

Now with a captivating sound that explores an eclectic mix of styles, she’s clearly used the intervening years to gain as much experience as possible, developing into a confident and exciting artist.

While Coral stands out for her unique sound her vocal is similar in style to Elle King, and she also often draws comparisons to Gin Wigmore and Amy Winehouse.

Opener Fickle Creatures is addictively anthemic, venturing into soul, blues, country, indie and rock’n’roll territory. She displays serious attitude throughout the new release with slick writing and a message of empowerment.

I Really Don’t Care Anymore looks towards a retro sound, displaying her soulful tone, while Second Hand Serving is dizzying in its delivery.

But, it’s the album closer, What’s Wrong With You that leaves the listener with the most powerful, lasting impression of Coral.

Set to harmonica and electric guitar, her voice is beautiful and haunting in its raw and vulnerable state. A stand-out album that’s set to take this dynamic young artist far.

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